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1.  Some Like it Hot-  Marilyn Monroe 1959,  such a cute classic film, Tony Curtis is creepy but great flick anyhow

2.  Bronson- Tom Hardy 2007 (R) Whoa his face should be on every male clone from here on out.  Best movie

3.  Shutter Island- Leonardo DeCaprio 2010 (R)  seen it twice and  worth the time

4.  Cube- 1997 (R) decent cheaply-made sci-fi alternative

5 on way and

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Free Movies

I find free movies and review them.

Free Entertainment

When at a loss for something to do and not a penny in your pocket;  peek here.  The path insists my research include many free movies.  I find the great,  the not-so-great and each can be found for free on the internet.   I love my Roku box for the ultimate guide to free movies while further freebies include:  Tubi TV,  Popcornflix and Crackle TV.  Pick a movie, sit back relax and enjoy the show!  Feel free to email me below and please include your free movie reviews.

Free Reviews

There is no real order to how I review films.  May organize differently moving forward but for now- random reviews.  Will be updated daily (sorta kinda) so check back often for new movie suggestions!

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