Manhunt UNABOMBER Season 1

In 1995, Jim Fitzgerald graduates from the FBI’s criminal profiler program and is approached by investigators from the Unabomber case after a recent bombing in Sacramento. Despite his initial reluctance to leave his family, he travels to San Francisco to join the FBI task force. Don Ackerman and Stan Cole request he build out a criminal profile for the Unabomber, who Cole believes is a low-educated airline mechanic based on the American Airlines Flight 444 bombing. Fitzgerald disagrees with their assessment and requests to create an entirely new profile. Rebuffed, Fitzgerald visits the Sacramento bomb site and argues that the bombings are not random, but the targets are signals. Again ordered to fit Cole’s profile, Fitzgerald’s suspicions are proven correct when the FBI receives the Unabomber manifesto. In 1997, a reclusive Fitzgerald is approached by Ackerman and Cole about interrogating the Unabomber, who has asked for him directly, but he declines. That night, he begins to burn his files and media coverage of the case, pausing on his annotated copy of the Unabomber manifesto. Departing for Stanford, he surprises his old colleague Natalie Rogers with the news of their offer.

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