Vitthal Teedi Season 1

Vitthal Tripathi is a man from humble origins and an exceptional skill with playing cards. He is a gambler no one can defeat, winning games against all his opponents. However, when he decides to join the big leagues, get a taste of city life, his fate throws him a curveball. There are indeed bigger fish in the sea, ready to gobble him up whole. It is not his luck but his skill as a player that will keep him afloat. Series open with Vitthal and his elder sister get to know about their mother's death. Vitthal has no interest in studies and was attracted to cards and Lord Shiva as his father is a priest. When teacher asks him to tell number 3 in Gujarat he tells it as "Teedi" ( the notation of 3 famous among card players ) , this joke goes wind like in a small village and all start addressing him as Vitthal Teedi. One morning Vitthal wakes up late to go school with his elder sister and gets beaten and scolded by new PT Teacher. Her sister tells teacher that due to the recent death of their mother, she had to complete all household work before coming to school. On making fun of his father, Vitthal took a stone in his hand and hits teacher and runs off from the school. His father arrives at school but insist of scolding him, he took Vitthal with him. This makes Vitthal an unspoken yet very strong bond with his father.

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