Four More Shots Please Season 01 Hindi

Damini's legal defamation cases seem to be piling up. The board of directors, led by Uma Parekh, gives her an ultimatum that she needs to change her strategy or the company will sink in losses. She tells them that she's got it under control. However, all hinges on the final hearing of a crucial court case which is in Anjana's hands. Anjana drops Arya off to school and has an interesting exchange with the other mothers. Sneha accompanies Siddhi to a fortune teller who predicts some wonderful news for Siddhi! Umang has a sweaty encounter with a fellow trainer. Sneha supervises Siddhi's vocal lessons all in a bid to fill up a perfect marriage resume. But not all goes according to Sneha'a liking. Varun drops by to pick Arya up and shares an important development in his life with Anjana. Anjana didn't see it coming. Umang has an accidental run in with a starry client at her gym which leaves her embarrassed. The Board is making Damini's life tough by censoring her stories. All in all, a disaster week for our girls!

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