Warrior Season 1

While defending another Chinese migrant, Ah Sahm gains the attention of Wang Chao, a black market salesman who takes him to meet Father Jun, the leader of the Hop Wei tong. Elsewhere, police officer Richard Lee arrests a pair of Irishmen for murdering two Chinese laborers. Lymon Merriweather, the employer of the two victims, pressures Mayor Samuel Blake to protect his workers. In response, the Mayor commissions a Chinatown police squad under the command of veteran officer Bill O'Hara, which Lee joins. Father Jun's son, Young Jun, is nearly abducted from a brothel by the rival Long Zii tong before Ah Sahm comes to his rescue. Later, Ah Sahm encounters Li Yong, the Long Zii's enforcer, and discovers that his sister is now married to the leader of the Long Zii and goes by the name Mai Ling. Distraught, Ah Sahm visits the brothel and sleeps with the madam, Ah Toy. As Ah Sahm sleeps, Ah Toy kills the two recently bailed Irishmen who are revealed to be part of the Irish Mob. That same night, Mai Ling secretly meets with Deputy Mayor Walter Buckley and promises him that peace between the tongs will not occur in Chinatown. A group of Long Zii attempt to smuggle opium behind the Hop Wei's back but are killed after a bribed police officer snitches to the Hop Wei. Despite the attack, Long Zii wishes to make peace and form an alliance with the Hop Wei to unite the Chinese tongs before the Chinese Exclusion Act is passed, unaware that Mai Ling is secretly working with the Deputy Mayor to stoke war between the tongs. The Mayor's wife, Penelope, is attacked by two drunk Irishmen but is saved by Ah Sahm. However, Ah Sahm is arrested by Bill in spite of protests by Penelope and Lee, who defend him. Penelope asks the Mayor for help but he refuses out of fear of alienating his anti-Chinese white voters and because of Ah Sahm's association with the Hop Wei. Penelope visits the jail and pleads with Ah Sahm to defend himself in court, but he refuses knowing it is futile as the police are not only corrupt and racist, but are also trying to pin the blame of the two Irishmen killed by Ah Toy on him as well. Elsewhere, Ah Toy cuts out the tongue of one of her prostitutes for being a Long Zii informant, and Li Yong kills the police officer who snitched to the Hop Wei.

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