Housefull 4

The story is based on reincarnation, spanning a period of 600 years from 1419 to 2019. Harry is a barber who frequently gets bizarre flashes of a past era. He runs a barbershop in London with his brothers Roy and Max. Harry's forgetful nature causes him to misplace a bag of 5 million pounds that belonged to a gangster named Michael Bhai. As a result, Michael's henchman Big Bhai always demands them to return the money. To fulfill this demand, the three brothers get engaged to the three daughters of London's wealthy business tycoon Thakral: Harry is dating Pooja, Roy is dating Neha, and Max is dating Kriti. Mysterious circumstances cause the destination wedding to take place in Sitamgarh, India. On arriving in Sitamgarh, Aakhri Pasta, a bellboy at their hotel, recognizes them as reincarnations of people that lived 600 years ago, i.e., in 1419. Harry realizes that the flashes he sees have something to do with what Pasta was talking about. To meet him, Harry drives to the nearby town of Madhavgarh where he starts to see the flashes. In 1419, Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh of Madhavgarh was banished by his father Maharaj Parikshitap since Bala tried to kill him to become King. Bala's servant Pehla Pasta informs him of Sitamgarh - a nearby kingdom whose King, Maharaj Surya Singh Rana, is looking for grooms for his three daughters: Rajkumari Madhu, Rajkumari Mala, and Rajkumari Meena. Bala plans to marry Rajkumari Madhu, the eldest Princess, to become the Maharaj of Sitamgarh. Bala meets Bangdu Maharaj, an effeminate dance teacher who has an affair with Mala. Meena is secretly in love with the brave bodyguard of the three princesses, Dharamputra. Bala helps the two couples get together and enlists their help for uniting him with Madhu. The plan works, and Maharaj Surya Singh Rana announces the wedding of Madhu with Bala, Mala with Bangdu, and Meena with Dharamputra. However, Suryabhan, Surya Singh Rana's nephew, wants the throne for himself. He kills the brother of Sitamgarh's enemy clan's leader, Gama, and frames the three couples for it. On the day of the wedding, Gama storms into the palace and fights them to avenge his brother. During the fight, Bala realizes that he now truly loves Madhu, even though initially she was just the path to the throne for him. During the battle, the wedding mandap (altar) collapses and kills the three couples along with Gama.

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