Babumoshai Bandookbaaz

The story is set in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh, whose political landscape is dominated by two politicians Dubey & Jiji. Babu Bihari is a hitman hired by both to get rid of their rivals. He kills for a paltry sum of ? 20,000, of which ? 5000 for the constable who gets him the hit job. Babu is ferocious & has a straightforward approach to hitting his target. He has a reputation for clean hits without any fuss. Babu leads a very simple life, lives alone in a shanty in a remote location. One fine day Jiji offers him a hit job of a local muscleman. Babu goes to survey the routine of his target. There he comes across Phulwa, a cobbler. He is smitten by her beauty and impressed with her headstrong attitude. He tries to court her, but his advances are rejected. Meanwhile, he kills his target, which is witnessed by Phulwa. In the police investigation, she refuses to identify him. Babu barges into her home, and she stabs him instinctively with a sharp tool. Babu somehow manages to control the damage and tells her that he came because he was curious about not divulging any information to the police. She tells her that the guy he just killed and his two brothers raped her repeatedly. She tells him if he kills the rest of the two brothers, she would spend her entire life with him. Babu promptly kills the two remaining brothers. When he returns for his payment Jiji is furious with him. As he has ruined her plan. It was on the insistence of the younger brother, that she killed the elder brother to forge an alliance with the remaining two brothers for upcoming elections. This puts Babu in bad books with Jiji. Here Babu & Fulwa have a great time and enjoy each other's company. On the other hand, Dubey feels that the three men of Jiji are an obstacle to his prospects of winning the election. He gives the contract to kill all to Babu. Babu goes to Jiji & informs her about the contract. He throws an open challenge to her to save her men if she can. He is about to hit his first kill when a bullet is already shot, missing its target. In the ensuing chaos, the victim escapes. It turns out that there is another hitman given the same contract. Babu saves the second hitman from the enraged mob. The second hitman is Banke, who considers Babu as his guru. Although furious at first that he ruined his kill, Babu makes amends with Banke. They decide to make this as a game. Of the three kills, whoever scores higher will win & the loser will have to leave the profession. Babu scores the first kill. He is about to score the second hit, but a cop loyal to Jiji intervenes. In the ensuing scuffle, Babu is hit in the shoulder. He takes him in his police jeep and is just about to depart, when Banke sneaks in as a postman and scores the kill. The cop is furious takes him to a jungle to investigate. Babu is rescued by Banke and takes him to his home. Phulwa removes the bullet from his body & heals him back to health. She is impressed by his suave looks & muscular physique. A chemistry seems to boil between the two, which Babu also notices. Babu offers them to spend a night together. Shocked at first, Phulwa berates him & walks away. Banke reluctantly backtracks, saying that he was going along with their dance & booze filled merriment. On hearing, this Babu tells Banke that he was actually testing their integrity & if they had tried spending the night together, he would have killed both of them.

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